New Newspaper/Go Green at the The Earth Day Party!

Hey Everyone! Happy Earth Day to you! Well you know the drill!

Make sure to check out the following things while reading:

  • Join Earth Day (A2)
  • Recycling Begins (A4)
  • In Focus: The Night Club (B1)

Upcoming Events:

  • April 30- New Igloo Music
  • May 7- New Penguin Style
  • May 7- Medieval Party

Read The Paper Right Here!


The Earth Day Party is here! This is not one of the best parties but I like it! The Town, Plaza,  and Mine were updated. The recycling center was also added and will stay permanently!

So the Free item is at the Mine Shack. It is a Straw hat that lets you water plants when you hit “Dance”.

You can get the item right up there.

Now if you wanna get into the recycling center you need to collect all the recyclables before you can get into the room! So this is a little collague that I put together for you to find all the items.

  1. Item 1 is in the Coffee Shop
  2. Item 2 is at the Pet Shop
  3. Item 3 is at the Cove
  4. Item 4 is at the Dojo
  5. Item 5 is in the Upstairs Bookroom of the Coffee Shop
  6. Item 6 is at the Mine Shack
  7. Item 7 is at the Ski Village
  8. Item 8 is at the Forest!

Good Job, you have found all 8 items to receive the Recycling pin and gain access to the recycling center!

I love this idea of going green. How about you? Tell us what you think by commenting down below!


3 Responses to New Newspaper/Go Green at the The Earth Day Party!

  1. Mchappy says:

    Earth Day is awesome ;D !!!

  2. robbyconover says:

    that is cool thanks

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